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  • In "", there are 2 types of accounts for the sports betting forecast:
  • 1- Normal account for normal users
  • 2- Golden account for golden users
  • - In the normal account, the user has no need to pay any kind of money and he can predict all competitions.
  • - In a golden account, the user can have more chance with a monthly charge of his account to win.
  • Important Points

  • 1. The prediction values of "" in normal and golden sections may change at the beginning of any time interval, so for the purpose of knowing the value of the privileges, users are required for each time interval see the end of this page.
  • 2. At the end of the time interval, after the winners have been determined at that time period, "" contacts with the winners only through the email the user has registered on his profile for the deposit of the prize and coordinates the necessary coordination.
  • 3. To receive the prize, being selected solely in terms of points as the first person is not enough and the user must get a minimum score that is specified at the beginning of each time interval by "". The amount of these minimum scores varies in different intervals, and users need to know this amount by going to the bottom of this page at the beginning of each time period.
  • 4. At the end of each interval, all privileges become zero, and users must resume collecting points with the start of new time period.
  • 5. At each time interval, the number of winners is different, and users must refer the first to the end of this page to know about this subject.
  • 6. After doing the payment, send your username in “” along with the “Paypal-email” to the email address “”. Otherwise, the golden account will not be devoted to the user.
  • 7. Users can view the minimum number of games per time interval at the bottom of this page.
  • How to Rate

  • June 2019 Users Golden Account Users Normal Account
    Complete 10 4
    Half-Complete 4 2
    The loser 1 0
  • Complete: The user has fully predicted the result truly.
  • Half-Complete: The user has just predicted the win, lost or equal.
  • Loser: The user has predicted the result, as well as the win, lost, or even equal wrongly.
  • Variable Conditions

  • Time Interval 01.06.2019 --- 10.06.2019
    Minimum rating of user: 30
    Number of winners: 1
    Minimum number of matches to predict: ---
    Amount of prize
    • First person: 100 Euro